The story of Fat Girl – wishing will not make you thin


Once upon a time, many years ago, on a little island in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Earth there lived a fat girl called Marie, but everyone who knew her just called her Fat Girl. She lived in a city on the southern most point of the island and she was very unhappy because she didn’t want to be a fat girl. She tried lots of different magic potions to make her slim but the Demon Chocolate had cast a spell so none of them worked and instead she got got fatter and fatter until she thought she would burst.

Fat Girl liked to write. She was always scribbling things down in little black note books and hiding them away in a drawer in the hunted bedroom of her little house. She didn’t want her tall slim husband, the hansome Prince Commando, to see them because she thought it would make him sad to find out how unhappy she was. She loved him very much and didn’t want him to be sad.

To hide her unhappiness she wore a magic mask which made it look as if she was always smiling. So all her friends and family thought she was a cheerful girl, always talking, joking and making fun of herself. She had three handsome sons, a nice little house at the bottom of a Big Hill and a Very Important Job that she loved because it let her travel all over the big wide world. If only she could stop being fat, she thought, her life would be perfect.

This is the story of how Fat Girl finally banished the Demon Chocolate to a far away land, became thin and published a blog about trying to stay that way.

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