13 January 2009 – hating the smell of cabbages in the morning

How embarassing

rumble, rumble

Oh my God, the cabbage soup was worse than I thought. It tastes even more awful than it smells. When I heated it up in the microwave at Dream Factory, Gigi and Alfie thought someone had farted in the kitchen. I stuck with it yesterday though and I have another batch with me for lunch plus I had to have it for breakfast because today is a no fruit day. Still I’m allowed a baked potato with butter tonight and vegetables, so I’ve got some carrot sticks and some celery to snack on later. I’m really looking forward to the baked potato.

I’ve bought a little air freshener spray with me to squirt around when I cook it. Hopefully that will avoid the fart accusations. The way my stomach feels right now I may need it before lunch time. It’s really gurgling and bubbling. I think I’ll just go and get a black coffee, that might help. Probably better take the air freshener with too me just in case.

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