15 January – bananas, spots and stats

Tried and spotty

Tried and spotty

Today I’m allowed up to eight bananas. Yay! I had a banana for breakfast and it was heavenly. I felt a bit better on my way to work today. I was going to walk but then the bus turned up just as I was walking past the stop so I caught it. I’m feeling tired again now though and I’ve got a big spot on my forehead that really hurts.

I have to get the stats done today too. With all the holidays I’m really late with them this month, if I don’t get them over with soon it’ll be time to do next month’s. I hate doing the stats, all the sales figures for the month for each consortia or agency. It’s so boring filling in that huge spreadsheet and it gives me a headache. Then I have to send out all the letters. I’m really struggling with it today, I can’t seem to concentrate on the numbers and I keep making mistakes. I think I fell asleep at one point, only my eyes were open.

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