3 February 2009 – a waiting game

Trying to look busy

Waiting for the hammer to fall

There was more snow today. I really didn’t want to go to work knowing Robert would be there in Steve’s office watching us all, making decisions that will affect our lives. My job could be at risk (Commando says there’s no way I will go because no one else knows how to do my job) but even if it’s not me it will be people I know and like. It’s horrific being there. We had a ‘marketing meeting.’ Gigi just announced it as if it was something we did all the time, “Don’t forget our planning meeting at ten girls. Meeting room on floor two.” We spent the whole time talking about Steve, the word embezzlement was thrown around. There was a lot of speculation about how much it was and how he’d done it. He had control of everything, especially the marketing department. Gigi is marketing manager but he pulls all the strings.

“I thought something was wrong when we did the audit last month,” Gigi said. “Everyone seemed to be in more of a flap about it than normal. Brian wanted to see proofs of all the adverts.”

“Do you think he knew they were on to him?” Galina asked. “He’s been acting really odd the last couple of months. All that being out of the office. He put his house on the market too, Sarah told me.”

No one questioned it. No one defended him. It was odd because I couldn’t believe he did it. I knew he was dedicated to Dream Factory. He worked so hard, harder than any of us. The man never sleeps. I knew some of his ideas were a bit wild, he could be demanding and hard to work for. Sometimes his methods were unorthodox, bordering on shady, but always for the good of the company. It was like the Dalai Lama suddenly became a member of the Nazi Party.

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