26 January 2009 – too busy to eat



Alfie was really annoying me today. It was like she had ants in her pants she was up and down from her desk all day wandering round the office. When she did sit down she was either drumming her fingers on the table or, worse still, talking to me. With an educational going out in a weeks’ time and changes to be made, I had so much to do I didn’t know where to start, never mind time for chatting.

At lunch time she asked me if I was going out. As if I’d have time for that. The only time I’d moved from my desk was to go to the design studio to try to persuade them to print out new itinerary booklets. Honestly, you’d think I was asking them to sacrifice their first born children not just change a few lines of print on a blasted four page booklet. Alfie said she’d pick up a sandwich for me while she was out but, typically, she forgot. Good job I popped into Asda on my way to work and got a big bag of grapes and one of those boxes of fresh fruit salad really or I’d have starved.

Walking up the road from the bus stop tonight I was so tired I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. It really felt like walking through treacle. When I did get in I was so tired I didn’t even eat dinner, just crawled straight up to bed with a cup of cocoa. That’s where I’m writing this. My eyes are drooping….

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