30 January 2009 – what do I have to do?



It was weigh in today and I was pretty hopeful of a loss. I’ve hardly had time to stop for lunch all week. I’ve been living off random bits of fruit, picked up at Asda in the morning and snatched at my desk then going home so tired I just crawl up to bed with a cup of cocoa.

When we got the scales out Alfie went first. She’s lost another three pounds. I really don’t know how she’s doing it because she seems to be eating exactly the same as she normally does, it’s like she’s just decided she’s going to lose weight and believing it will happen means it does. I don’t know why it should work for her when it patently doesn’t for me. I was so sure I’d have lost something then I got on the scales and I’ve lost precisely nothing. So now Alfie is eight pounds lighter than me. That’s more than half a stone. What the hell do I have to do?

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