15 February 2009 – in denial



I’ve been on Google most of the day. By law Dream Factory have to give us a thirty day consultation period so that we can argue against being made redundant. So I have until March 7 to change their minds. I’ve wasted a whole week. I need to get my act together. If I can put a good case, maybe I can keep my job. The law says they have to consider alternatives to making me redundant and they have to try to offer me alternative employment.

There are so many things I could say about why my job is important. Look at all the awards we’ve won for a start, the money I’ve generated in sales through the educationals. I’ve got the stats to prove it. I’m value for money. I’ve worked so many extra hours in the eight years I’ve been there it probably adds up to another year. I don’t take lunch breaks, I come in early, I stay late. I work at the weekends from home using remote desktop access. I pick up my emails on my phone, even when I’m abroad, even when I’m on holiday. I have a vivid memory of standing on a beach in France with the sea lapping at my feet, talking Joe through adding his agents figures to a spreadsheet. When I had my hysterectomy I worked from home, even though I was signed off sick. I don’t think anyone else worked like I did or was as dedicated. How will the reps manage without me organising their routes, sending them their stats, making sure the things they promise the agents really happen?

I’ve worked in almost every Dream Factory department at one time or another, either as my own real job, before I joined the marketing department, or standing in when things got tough. They could move me to any department and I’d make a difference. Come to that they could use me as a floating member of staff moving to wherever I was needed, doing a different job every week or every day if needs be. They have to consider that surely? I don’t even care if I have to have a pay cut. I just want to keep working there.

This is not set in stone. I can change this. I know I can. If I just work hard enough at it.


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