20 February 2009 – bargaining and a meeting



I have my meeting at Dream Factory this morning. I’ve spent the whole week preparing for it. I’ve written a kind of presentation about all the money I’ve made for the company in the last year. Good job I did all that working from home, they’ve blocked my remote desktop access but I still had all the spreadsheets and my contacts list saved on my lap top. I’ve added all the things I did outside of my normal working hours and what that would have cost them if they’d paid me for it. On top of that I’ve outlined all the extra skills I have and the other positions I could fill within the company plus the idea of being a kind of floating member of staff working wherever I was needed. I’d take a cut in hours, even a big pay cut, if they’d just let me stay.

I contacted loads of the agents and consortia heads and have some great emails from them about how I’ve helped them achieve higher bookings with Dream Factory. I even got a fantastic one from the head of one of the biggest travel companies in the South of England. He’s normally a real grumpy guts and everyone hates dealing with him but he sent a glowing recommendation for me and said he’s even contacted Robert personally to tell him I was the only person in the whole place he trusted to do what they said when they said they would. Surely that will all count for something?

I was really touched by the nice things people said about me. I spent a lot of time this week crying and being emotional reading those emails. I’ve printed them all out to take with me. I’m very nervous about the meeting. I’m not sure how I’m going to walk back into the office, with everyone knowing why I’m there. It’s going to be really hard facing everyone. Even harder not breaking down in tears. I’ve tried to eat breakfast this morning. I didn’t manage much because of the unidentified lump in my chest but I knew I had to eat. I’ve not been eating much at all and I’ve been quite shaky and disconnected quite a lot of the time because of it. I need to be really on the ball today. Commando is going to get up early and take me over there. He’s promised to wait for me. I’m going to need all the support I can get. I actually feel sick just thinking about it. This could be the most important meeting of my career.


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