9 March 2009 – a new beginning and cake

First day cakes

First day cakes

Despite being more than a little nervous about my first day at New Beginnings, I did manage to find time to weigh in this morning. I’ve lost another pound, which isn’t much, considering what I’ve been losing recently but I’ll take it. At least it’s all my own work and not a product of sticking my fingers down my throat or ingesting mind altering drugs. I can’t stop thinking about Alfie. I can understand why she feels she has to do it I suppose. Anyone who’s been overweight would love a magic potion to make them lose weight fast but it all sounds very dangerous to me. I’m not sure there’s much I can do about it though and, for now, I’ve got enough other things to worry about.

At least I didn’t have any trouble finding the office today and Mac was standing outside waiting for me with his smart grey suit and his blonde, Tin Tin quiff. Maybe he thought I was going to walk past again. Before he’d even unlocked the office door he took me next door to the Tesco garage and bought two enormous Danish pastries. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. Looking at his little pot belly, well disguised as it is by the cut of his very expensive looking suit, I don’t think it’s an unusual practice. I’m going to have to be careful I don’t end up putting back all the weight I’ve lost at this rate.

He went through my main duties, which all seem pretty straight forward and doable. Then he said, “basically you’re going to be my bitch and keep me from cocking up and making a tit of myself. I’m hopelessly disorganised and I will forget appointments and double book if you don’t watch me. And, if Joe calls asking you to do stuff for him, tell him to do one because you’re my bitch now,” and he licked his finger and marked up an imaginary score to himself in the air. “is that ok Sweet Cheeks?”

He’s so funny I can’t help but love him already. No wonder Joe worships him.

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