10 March 2009 – day two and no cake

Back at work

Back at work

Yesterday the office was quite quiet. I organised the new filing cabinet, typed up a handful of CV’s correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and polishing them up a bit as I went along. I arranged a couple of appointments and that was about it. Mac spent a lot of time on the phone to different HR departments drumming up business. It seems there are a lot more people looking for jobs than there are actual jobs out there right now so getting in with the HR manager is vital if we’re going to make this work. Luckily Mac seems to know his stuff and is quite charming on the phone.

He explained that most of the jobs right now are temporary contracts, the holy grail is a full time position. For temporary positions, we get paid by the company and we then pay our client, minus our twenty percent fee. For full time positions we get roughly the equivalent of a years’ wage, paid by the company as a kind of finders fee but we’re willing to drop that quite a bit to get more business and undercut the opposition. As long as we can get enough money coming in to pay our wages and overheads like the lease we’ll be laughing. So far we have zero income, but it’s early days.

Today we actually sent a client to an interview so fingers crossed on that. The guy was quite young and really nervous so I spent quite a bit of time coaching him and calming him down. It’s only a job as an office junior so as long as he can make the tea and he knows his alphabet he should be fine. Other than that it was more or less a carbon copy of yesterday except I talked Mac out of the Danish pastry.


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