12 March 2009 – Race for life entry

Race For Life terrors

Race For Life terrors

I’ve only gone and signed up for The Race For Life! I’m not sure whether I should be proud of myself or be thinking about having myself committed. It’s five kilometres which is about three miles I think and I’m planning on walking rather than running. I know it’s a cop out but there is no way on earth I can run. For a start what would I do with my water bottle, I’d need both hands to stop my boobs swinging up and knocking me out. There are going to be about ten thousand women doing it. I really hope I don’t cross the finish line last, that would be so embarrassing.

Mac and Jolie have both said they’d sponsor me and, obviously, so will Commando. I’m going to set up a Just Giving page and see if I can get some of my Facebook friends to cough up as well. It’s for cancer research so it’s a good cause. I’ve never done anything like this before and now I’ve actually gone and signed up I’m half regretting it. Still I can’t back out now I’ve told people and at the very least it will be good exercise. At least I’ve got until July twelfth to train and make sure I can actually walk five kilometres. Come to think of it, it’s not that much further than walking to Dream Factory and I did that often enough.

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