15 March – race training, sort of

Race for life training

Race for life training

I did my first Race For Life training today. It wasn’t exactly a resounding success. Firstly I needed a way to track my distance, so I had a look on the iPhone apps and found one called Walkmeter. It uses GPS so it’s pretty accurate. It does loads of other stuff as well but really I’m only interested in the distance at this stage. So far so good.

The Original plan was to walk to Dream Factory and see how far it actually is. Then I thought about walking that oh so familiar route and standing outside the office and I knew I couldn’t bear to do it. In the end I decided to walk to the local park, Riverside, and then walk along the river, at least it would be pretty. So, I set the Walkmeter going and started off towards the park. I wasn’t really pushing myself or anything, just trying to get an idea of distance. In my mind Riverside wasn’t all that far from my house but as I kept walking and walking it became obvious it was a lot further than I’d remembered (I probably haven’t walked there since the boys were little which is a lot of years ago now, not to mention about four stone!). As it turned out I’d only just made it to the entrance to the park and the Walkemeter said I’d walked a mile. I thought about carrying on for another half mile but, if I’m honest, it seemed like a real long way, so I turned round and started for home. Strange really as I’m sure I walked much further when I first got made redundant and I was manically walking every day in between cleaning the house. I must be out of practice.

I suppose the purpose of training for this is to build up to it slowly and I’ve made a start. I walked two miles and found out its a lot further than I thought it was. I’m consoling myself with the thought that it’s two thirds of the course though and I’ve got a long time ahead of me to work towards it. The thing that really concerns me is the time it took. I don’t think I’m a particularly slow walker, even if Commando wouldn’t agree (when we go out together he goes striding off with his long, long legs and I end up looking like an Arab wife ten paces behind him. Honestly, if I fell down a hole he wouldn’t notice until he got home and there was no one to put the kettle on), but it took me over an hour which means I’m walking at less then two miles an hour. It also means that Dream Factory is probably only two miles from my house not the three I thought it was. I had a Google session on Race For Life times and even the slowest people seem to be doing it in less than an hour and a quarter. The fastest people are doing it in twenty minutes or so, they are running though. I can see I’m going to have to up my game A LOT if I don’t want to be last!

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