27 March 2009 – good news in the office, bad news on the scales

Cake, my downfall

Cake, my downfall

I let Mac win the cake argument today and we each had an enormous sticky Chelsea bun with our morning coffee. It was heavenly. I didn’t lose any weight this week so I know I should have held out but, for once, we have some really good news to celebrate.

So far, in the three weeks the office has been open, we’ve had lots of clients (quite a lot from a local motor manufacturer who’ve announced huge numbers of redundancies) but only a trickle of jobs to offer them. We have had two clients accepted for temporary posts so we have some money coming in but we’re not breaking even yet. There’s not exactly a massive amount of pressure as Jolie seems happy enough to give us time, but we both want this to be a real success. Mac has been constantly calling around companies and scouring the jobs pages trying to find positions that match up to the clients on our books and today he hit the jackpot.

He’d heard about a computer company who are about to open a big office in the city centre. Jolie has worked with them in the past as they have a small office in Gosport so he gave their HR department a speculative call. In the Next month or so they’re going to have more than fifty full time jobs with salaries of thirty thousand a year and they’ve sent us over the details. They said we can have an exclusive deal with them if we agree to lower our commission which we jumped at. “Small profit, quick return Sweets,” Mac said. “Now all we have to do is find fifty suitable clients. No problemo, job done. So, how about a celebratory cake Sweet Cheeks? Go on, you know you want to.”

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