1 April 2009 – good news, bad news

Bad football news

Bad football news

Today there was good news and bad news. When I got in this morning Mac greeted me by jumping up and down, grinning like a cheshire cat.

“I’ve just got off the phone to ABC computing, they’re getting rid of thirty staff and they’ve agreed to let us go in next week and do a recruitment day. We could fill quite a few of those fifty jobs at the new computer company and score us a nice big profit seeing as they’re all full time. Can you do the whole day on Thursday Sweets? It’ll be a laugh I promise, a little outing and lunch is on me.”

To add to our good luck, a cut price supermarket is opening a new store in the city centre and are looking for staff. We’ve got quite a few people on our books who this could be perfect for. These are all full time positions too so, if we can fill even a few of those jobs, we should be out of the red and into the black at last. Jolie will be ecstatic.

The bad news is that Southampton Football Club looks like its going to go into administration. As if they don’t have enough trouble with losing matches. I made the mistake of trying to explain it to Mac, who wouldn’t be able to pick a football out of a sports ball line up.

“I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than go to football Sweets,” he said.

“I bet you’d love it if you went, all those firm thighs in shorts.”

“Is that the only reason you go?”

“Not the only reason,” I laughed, “it’s a great atmosphere, even if they are losing more than they’re winning right now.”

“If you say so. Sounds about as much fun as a root canal to me. The only thing I can think of that sounds worse than watching it would be playing it. Anyway, Sweet Cheeks, I think my recruitment day coup deserves a cake, be a darling and get them in.”

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