14 April 2009 – no weight loss but new trousers

Eggs avoided

Eggs avoided

Reasons to be cheerful. Easter is over at last so all the tempting eggs have gone from the shops and I didn’t have a single one, not even the little ones I love so much with the speckled shells that look like real birds eggs. Commando gave me some money for clothes instead of chocolate (an egg would have been a lot cheaper). I got myself two new pairs of size sixteen trousers (Wallis again so really more like eighteens). I also took a bundle of size eighteens up to the charity shop to get rid of them. I don’t want them in the house, that way I have to keep the weight off this time because I can’t afford to buy more size eighteens.

Actually I probably could afford to buy more now because my redundancy money has finally been paid into the bank. Another reason to be cheerful. The bank manger rang me this morning to let me know (how’s that for good service?). I’ve got an appointment with him tomorrow afternoon to set up the ISA and the high interest account. I’m determined not to waste it all and I won’t be buying any more new clothes because I’m hoping that soon I’ll be needing a smaller size. Well, if I can just get myself back to eating properly and exercising I will. I must make more of an effort! So far this month, despite the lack of Easter eggs, I have lost exactly zero. Look on the bright side, at least I haven’t gained.

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