15 April 2009 – running in the rain and a binge

Maltesers not avoided

Maltesers not avoided

It was such a lovely warm day this morning I didn’t take a coat to work. Mistake! There was a massive thunder storm just as I came out of my meeting at the bank. I suppose I have to count my blessings, at least it wasn’t on the way there so I didn’t have to sit dripping on the bank floor.

I dashed from the bank to Sainsbury’s, next door, thinking I’d shelter for a minute and pick up a couple of bits and pieces. Mistake number two. They say never go shopping when you’re hungry and now I know why. I hadn’t had lunch and my tummy was growling. I ended up with a basket full of things I hadn’t planned on buying, including a bag of Maltesers. What is it with me and Maltesers?

I’d have been better off going straight back home because when I came out of the shop the rain was worse if anything. I ran home. Yes you did read that right, I RAN, but it is all down hill. I might as well not have bothered. I just ended up hot, out of breath, red in the face and soaked to the skin too. Then, when I’d got some dry clothes on, I ate the Maltesers and a sandwich and a bag of crisps. What is wrong with me? I REALLY NEED TO GET MY ACT TOGETHER.

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