17 April 2009 – one good day then back to the cake

Oh dear, cake!

Oh dear, cake!

Well I managed one day of good eating. Yesterday I was brilliant, no sweets, no cakes, just good food in small portions. If only every day could be like that the weight would be dropping off. Even this morning things were looking good. That was until Mac got the news that all thirty of the ABC staff we interviewed have gone on to get interviews with the new computer company, Lords. He ran round the office singing, ‘we’re in the money,’ until I pointed out they were only interviews, not actual bona fide jobs.

“Party pooper!” he said thumbing his nose at me. “just for that I’m going to make you buy the celebratory cakes.”

I know I should have tried to talk him out of it but I didn’t. So that was another bad day. I’m sure my new trousers are getting tighter. I REALLY HAVE TO GET A GRIP AND STOP DOING THIS!

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