19 April 2009 – Race For Life training and blisters



Sunday 19 April

After another pretty bad week I knew I really had to do some Race For Life Training today. It’s been nearly a month since I did any and, apart from the weight issue, I’m getting worried at the lack of progress I’m making. If I carry on making excuses and not training I’m going to make an idiot of myself on the day. I mean, so far I’m not even sure I can walk five kilometres without keeling over. How embarrassing would that be? I can see the headline now, ‘fat woman dies at charity fun run.’

I still haven’t got round to getting myself any trainers, even though I do have the money now, so I had to go out in my pumps again. I have at least got some blister plasters though so, if the worst came to the worst I had a contingency plan.

Once again I told myself I would try to walk further today, maybe just add a quarter of a mile. Once again I chickened out. It feels like two miles is my limit. Somehow I’ve got to find a way to push past it but, sadly, today wasn’t the day. By the time I got to Riverside, my feet were a mess. I had blisters on both heels and it felt like I had one on the bottom of my right foot too. I think it’s because the inside of my right shoe is a bit worn. I really do need to make the time to get some proper trainers. I did stop and sit on a bench to put the blister plasters on and they did help. Even so, I didn’t want to risk walking any further so, once again, I turned round and came home. Unfortunately, I forgot to pause the Walkmeter when I stopped so I don’t even know what my speed was. Honestly, I could kick myself because I think I was making pretty good time too.

One thing I have done is set up my Just Giving page. Finally. It was pretty easy actually. I posted a link to it on Facebook and, within an hour, I had fifty pounds worth of sponsorship. If that isn’t incentive to get training I don’t know what is.

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