23 April 2009 – no losses on the scales and too many on the pitch


There is an air of misery in the Fat Girl house today and not just because yet another week has passed with no weight loss. The news has broken that Saints parent company have gone into administration and we are going to have ten points deducted. That would be bad enough but the powers that be have decided that, if we finish in the relegation zone (which looks pretty likely), the points will be deducted next season. It’s a no win situation. If we finish outside the drop zone, they deduct the ten points and we go down to League One anyway. If we are in the bottom three we start next season minus ten points.

It was bad enough being relegated to the Championship but League one! There doesn’t seem to be any way to escape it. It’s the last home match of the season on Saturday and we have tickets.

“Well that was a total waste of money,” Commando moaned. “Ten bloody games we’ve won all season and I haven’t been to any of them! It’s like I’m jinxed. I buy tickets, they lose. There is no way I’m buying tickets next season.”

I know he doesn’t mean it though. As soon as the season starts he’ll be all hopeful again, like he is at the beginning of every season. All we can hope for is to stay out of the relegation zone and take the points hit this season. It’s going to take a miracle though, almost as much of a miracle as me losing any weight. Sometimes I wish I didn’t like football. I always wish I wasn’t fat!

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