25 April 2009 – drowning sorrows in Chinese food

Chinese takeaway, not the answer

Chinese takeaway, not the answer

Well, the big day arrived and it was a pretty dejected trio (me, Commando and Mini Commando) walking across the Big Bridge to the stadium. We were in good company though, there were a lot of other miserable looking faces in the crowd.

Things started well enough with a goal from Bradley Wright Phillips, we were actually looking good for once and for a moment I thought there was the slightest chance. Then Burnley went and scored just before half time. Just when we had our heads in our hands, would you believe it, we scored again! Game on! We were all on our feet, truly believing it was our day at last. Half way through the second half, Burnley scored again though. Then it really was game over, although I have to say our players fought bravely to the end.

We didn’t even hang around for the traditional last match of the season pitch invasion. We just shuffled off home with the knowledge that we were relegated and we were going to start next season on the back foot before a ball is even kicked. On the way home we stopped off at the the Chinese takeaway to drown our sorrows with food. I know it’s not the answer but at the time it seemed like it was.

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