2 May 2009 – trainers, TGI’s and a birthday resolution

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Today it’s my birthday. Now I know that should be a cause for celebration but somehow it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve now entered the last year of my forties, one year from today I will be fifty. How can that be? Fifty is SO old and I swear, in my head, I don’t feel any older than I did at twenty one. It’s only when I look in the mirror and see all the wrinkles and the extra pounds that I come crashing back down to earth with a bang. Well today I’m going to make myself a promise and, seeing as I’m writing it down here in black and white, I suppose it’s official. This time next year I AM NOT GOING TO BE FAT!

I’ve checked the online BMI calculator and, just to get out of the obese range, I have to weigh under twelve stone four. So, if I lose another seven pounds I will just be fat! I will only stop being classed as fat when I weigh ten stone five. Wow, that’s about another two and a half stone to lose. Still, I have a year to do it in so it’s under a pound a week, it doesn’t sound so bad when I look at it like that. In fact I’d go as far as to say I can do that! After all, I’ve lost one stone two pounds in the last five months, how hard can it be?

Commando took me on a shopping trip to buy new trainers for my birthday. We went into a sports shop. Can you believe it, me in a sports shop? the trainers I got are called Nike Free. They’re really lightweight with kind of breathable fabric tops and funny looking soles with wedges cut out so they really flex. They feel SO comfortable. I actually can’t wait to go for a walk and try them out. They cost a fortune though so they’d better be comfortable. He also bought me some proper sports leggings so I will look the part in the Race For Life, who knew they made them in size eighteen. I could have probably squeezed into size sixteen, my trousers are all sixteens now but they are from Wallis and that means they’re really more like eighteens. The leggings are stretchy though so I guess I can’t read too much into the fact that they fit. One of these days I’m going to get into size sixteens from a ‘normal’ shop, somewhere like Next.

After our shopping spree we went into Pret A Manger for lunch. I had a healthy looking chicken salad sandwich and a skinny latte. Commando tried to talk me into one of the chocolate brownies because he knows I love them but I’m proud to say I resisted, even when he said, “go on treat yourself, it’s your birthday.” Sometimes I don’t think he really understands this weight loss malarkey. I guess it’s easy for him because he can eat whatever he likes and only moans that he can’t put weight on. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that problem?

If I’d stopped there things would have been fine but, sadly, we went out in the evening too. We went to TGI Fridays, which is most definitely NOT a low calorie choice. There really is nothing on the menu that could ever be called a good choice. Having said that, I do love it and it was my birthday. I chose not to have a starter but don’t go congratulating me because it was only so I could have a pudding. For my main I had the JD New York Strip and, in my defence, I did leave most of the fries. Mmmm I just love the JD sauce but I bet it has a billion calories, it’s so sweet and sticky. I had my favourite Mocha Mud Pie for desert, what else could it be, chocolate and coffee, my two favourite things. On top of that I had two giant Grand Mimosa cocktails (well you have to have champagne on your birthday don’t you?). I dread to think of the calories in that little lot and I’m not looking forward to the scales on Monday but hey ho, its only once a year.

Now I know I started off by saying this time next year, blah blah blah and then finished with a giant binge of food and alcohol but I really am going to be back on it from now on. Promise.


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