6 May 2009 – Atkins day one is easy peasy

Breakfast on Atkins

Breakfast on Atkins

Well my first day on Atkins went quite well. I did miss my muesli but I had two scrambled eggs. Because I couldn’t use milk I added a knob of butter, real butter, I haven’t had that for years and it felt so decadent and naughty but tasted so nice. It left me thinking that this Atkins Diet could really work for me. I had a chicken salad with mayo (another thing I haven’t had for years) for lunch. I’m not sure how to work out the carbs in that, I think I need some kind of carb calculator, but I’m guessing it will have used up my twenty grammes. Dinner was a gammon steak with two poached eggs on top. Commando and Mini Commando had chips and peas with theirs, I didn’t mind missing out on the peas because I hate them anyway but I’d have loved a few chips. Despite the lovely chip smell, I didn’t touch even one. I feel quite proud of myself.

It doesn’t sound like very much when you look at it written down but the funny thing is I felt really full up all day, not a moment of hunger at all. In fact I struggled to finish my dinner and ended up leaving one of the eggs. Mac said he felt the same about his breakfast. Apparently Joe cooked him a big English breakfast type thing in the spirit of helping him lose the extra pounds. He had sausages, bacon and two eggs but said he couldn’t eat it all because he felt he was going to burst. It’s almost as if the carbs make you hungry although that doesn’t make sense.

If every day is like today I think it will be easy to stick to the plan. The only thing is it takes a lot longer to scramble eggs, even in the microwave, than it does to pour out a bowl of muesli. The same goes for the salad, it took much longer than it would have to make a quick sandwich. I’m already finding it a bit difficult to come up with things to eat too. It would be so much easier if we could have vegetables. I think I can live without the bread and stuff but it’s hard to make a proper meal without vegetables.


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