7 May 2009 – The Atkins experiment day two and loving the bacon

Atkins breakfast number two

Atkins breakfast number two

Day two of the great Atkins experiment and all is well. Breakfast this morning was a poached egg and bacon, mmmm, tasty. I really enjoyed it and didn’t miss my muesli at all. Sadly, it will be a one off though because Commando complained that the smell of cooking bacon woke him up. A boy needs his sleep, especially one that works nights, so I have to consign that one to the nice but never again pile. Pity because it was SO yummy.

Lucky old Mac had another big breakfast cooked for him by the lovely Joe. We are both really enjoying this diet. Makes me wonder why I didn’t try it years ago. Neither of us was hungry all morning and there was no temptation whatsoever to pop next door for cake. we both had chicken salad for lunch, the only difference being I made my own and Mac had his made for him. I think maybe I should see if Joe wants to come and live with me. It would be nice to have someone to cook for me.

I made a kind of quiche for dinner, minus the pastry of course. Pastry is most certainly not allowed. I used cheese, bacon, garlic and eggs and just baked it like a normal quiche. Everyone liked it and no one missed the pastry at all. Commando normally just eats the middle anyway, possibly because my pastry tends to be a little like cardboard, so it was less waste and much easier to make. I made some little ones in some small tins I’ve got so I will have something different for lunch tomorrow. At least I won’t have to faff about in the morning making a salad. I had a big salad with my quiche, I’m not sure if I’ve gone over my allowed twenty grammes of carbs but how much damage can a bit of salad do? The boys had boiled new potatoes with butter. They’re certainly less of a temptation than chips.


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