8 May 2009 – tired, headachy and missing chocolate

Who'd have thought you could crave salad?

Who’d have thought you could crave salad?

After the failed bacon experiment, it was back to scrambled eggs again for breakfast this morning. Back to missing my muesli. I really need to find something better for breakfast but it’s quite difficult when you can’t have carbs. All the best breakfasts are pure carb, toast, cereal, croissants, pain au chocolat mmm, chocolate, that’s another thing I miss. If only you could get sugar free chocolate I could probably have it. You’d think someone would have thought of that and made it by now really.

Mac and I were both feeling a bit tired today and headachy. They do say that can happen but it’s a sign of the fat burning process kicking in so I guess it may mean its working. I hope so. I’m fed up of being the same or gaining. I enjoyed my mini quiche at lunch time. I even brought some in for Mac, who happily abandoned his salad to try it. He pronounced it delicious and asked me to give him the recipe so he could get poor, long suffering Joe to cook him some. I’m going to try out some other things to spice it up a bit, I need to think about that. Maybe some peppers would be nice, I wouldn’t need to use many so it shouldn’t be too much in the way of carbs, or even sausage or chicken. If I could use more vegetables there are endless possibilities. Roll on the end of the induction period when veg is allowed.

Tonight I made fish in sauce, using cream, garlic and cheese. It was so easy, I just poached the fish and while it was cooking knocked up the sauce in a pan. Using cream you don’t need any Cornflour or thickening, the cream just thickens up in seconds. Mini Commando was well impressed, he is very fond of fish. He pronounced it a ‘keeper’ and said we should have it more often. They had buttery mash, I had salad.


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