11 May 2009 – five pounds off and Atkins is forgiven

Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!


OK, so I had a bad weekend. I stuck to the plan but I felt miserable. This morning though, I can see it was worth all the effort and I’m feeling a whole lot better about it. Why? I weighed in and I’ve lost five whole pounds. Woo hoo! If I lose one more pound I will officially stop being obese and I’ll just be fat, I recon I can crack that next week, and a bit more if I’m lucky. Mac lost nine pounds! Pig, I wish I’d lost that much.

After I’d stopped jumping up and down celebrating my weight loss I had a good long look at myself in the gym mirrors. I put my bra and pants back on so Mini Commando didn’t have heart failure if he got up. I do look smaller than I did. There’s still a lot of flab round my belly and it still hangs down but not as much. I think I go in a bit more in the waist area now although it’s hard to tell with all the rolls and I definitely go out again at the hips, then again at the thighs. I have curves of a sort. They’re curves Jim, but not as we know them.

Mac and I both have bad breath, not your common or garden dog breath or garlic breath, this is kind of chemically, like nail varnish remover. Apparently that’s ketones and it means we’re burning fat. Good job it was a quiet day without many clients popping in, it smells like a bad nail bar in the office. We both still have a nagging headache and feel tired but the weight loss makes it seem worth it. Mac said he had palpitations at the weekend and was thinking about giving up until he got on the scales. He’s a bit of a drama queen though so I’m not sure how much exaggeration is going on there?

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