17 May 2009 – Race For Life training and Moonwalk aspirations

Actually by the river!

Actually by the river!

I did my Race For Life training this morning. I got up bright and early, got my jogging bottoms on and my new trainers and set off with my iPod in my ear, a bottle of water in one hand and my iPhone with the Walkmeter in the other. I missed training last weekend because I felt so tired but I do feel a bit better this week. I can’t keep putting it off and making excuses. Today I was determined to do more than just the two miles, no matter what.

I got to The Triangle feeling a bit on the tired side but, thanks to the new trainers, my feet felt fine, not a hint of a blister. I stood there for a minute debating with myself whether to turn back or push on. There was a naughty little voice in one ear saying, you’ve done enough for one week go home and have a coffee and in the other another sensible little voice was saying, go on, just a bit further, how are you ever going to walk five kilometres if you stop at two miles every week. The sensible voice won. I walked down the slope into the park and along the river path, right to the first bend. There were swans swimming in the water beside me and the early morning sun glistening on the water. People were walking their dogs and a toddler stood on the edge of the path throwing bread to the swans with his mother holding his hand tightly. I really enjoyed it. It’s so much nicer than walking along the pavement with cars whizzing past. According to the Walkmeter I walked almost point four five of a mile more. That’s close to two and half a miles. It took me sixty one minutes. I’m quite proud of myself.

I saw something on Facebook today about the London Moonwalk. A friend of a friend of a friend is doing it. It’s a twenty six point two mile walk around London at night in aid of breast cancer. Only women take part and they all wear a decorated bra. I’d really love to do something like that one day. I think it’s a bit out of my reach at the moment, I’m struggling to train for the Race For Life five kilometres right now so a whole marathon is like reaching for the stars, but one day…

Something else I did was look for driving instructors. I googled and there seem to be quite a few in this area but they are pricy, mostly around the twenty five pounds an hour mark. I imagine I’d need a lot of hours before I was safe to even drive on the road never mind take my test. I’ve looked but I haven’t contacted any of them yet. Partly I think I’m putting it off because I’m scared but also I’m trying to find one I like the look of and the sound of. I’ve discounted loads because they don’t look like the sort of people I’d get on with. There are a couple who say they are good with nervous people so I’ve short listed them. For the moment that’s as far as I’ve got and I haven’t said anything to Commando. He’d keep nagging me to get on with it if he knew what I was up to and I’m not really sure I want to do it yet.

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