19 May – bunged up

Bunged up

Bunged up

Mac and I are both a bit bunged up and I don’t mean in the nasal department. It seems all the protein and not much fibre is having a rather unfortunate effect. I’m not sure what we can do about it really because we can’t have fruit, nice granary bread or muesli to get things moving. I think I may have to get some laxatives from the chemist and share them with Mac. He’s insufferable. He keeps clutching his stomach groaning and whining. If he won’t take them I may have to force feed then to him. All I can say is it’s a good job gay men don’t have babies. If Mac was pregnant it would be a major drama every second and labour doesn’t even bear thinking about.

I had another little search for driving instructors today too. Ive got another couple on my short list but there isn’t anyone I really fell I could trust yet. You’d think this would be easier.

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