25 May 2009 – out of the twelves and into the elevens

Barbecues make Atkins easy

Barbecues make Atkins easy

Weigh in today and I’m under twelve stone for the first time in years! Eleven stone thirteen, ok so its only just under twelve stone but it’s under it and that’s good enough for me. I walked around with a smile on my face all day. For once we had a sunny bank holiday, to match my sunny mood. Makes a change from the normal rain all day. Apparently it was the hottest day of the year, twenty two degrees. It felt lovely and we spent most of it in the garden. We had a barbecue, I bought one of those little disposable ones and loads of burgers and sausages plus some marinated chicken wings. I made a big salad up and we sat out on the decking all afternoon stuffing our faces. This is where the Atkins diet comes into its own. I couldn’t have burger buns of course but I could eat as much meat as I wanted. I suppose if you live somewhere like Australia, where every day’s a barbie day, Atkins would be a piece of cake (excuse the pun).


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