1 June 2009 – a fond farewell to Atkins

Hot,, bothered and emailing a driving instructor

Hot, bothered and emailing a driving instructor

It was boiling today. I know I shouldn’t complaint but, when you’re overweight hot weather is hell. I’d love to be able to wear cool little strappy tops or short sleeves and short skirts but I daren’t inflict my flab on the general public. It has to be long sleeves and trousers all the way when you’re big and it gets so hot. I feel like I’ve permanently got a beetroot face covered with a film of sweat. It hardly seems worth putting on make up because it slides off in a few minutes and I’m constantly popping off to the loo to spray myself with deodorant. I’m paranoid I’m going to smell.

Mac and I have come to a mutual decision to abandon the Atkins Diet. We’re both sick to death of meat, cheese, eggs, butter and cream. This morning I had a bowl of muesli and it was wonderful. So much easier than cooking scrambled egg too. Atkins was good while it lasted and I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it again because the weight loss was amazing. I weighed myself this morning, my last Atkins weigh in, and I’m down to eleven stone eleven. In one short month on it I lost thirteen pounds, that’s almost a stone. I have a lot to thank Dr Atkins for, just wish it was easier to stick to long term.

I actually emailed a driving instructor today. I’m not sure I want him to reply to be honest, the whole thing scares the living daylights out of me. He sounds OK though, from his blurb on the Internet. It says he is patient and used to working with nervous first time drivers. That would be me then. I can’t help thinking, ‘what have I done’ though.


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