22 June 2009 – a big gain and giving up on the fad diets

Only a pound, I expected more

Only a pound, I expected more

I weighed myself this morning and I’m back to twelve stone six. I’ve regained nearly all the weight I lost on the Atkins diet. My eating has got out of control again and I haven’t done any Race For Life training all month. I’ve let all this driving business take over my life and I have to get back in control again NOW. I’ve decided there are going to be no more crash diets, no Atkins or cabbage soup, I’m going to be sensible and eat properly and I’m going to make sure I do Race For Life training every week.

Today’s driving lesson was still in the car park but I did reversing into a parking space. I was a bit of a disaster at first. Thank goodness there were no other cars there. I couldn’t get the hang of getting between the white lines or getting straight, by the end of the lesson I more or less had it though but I’m not sure how much was luck and how much was judgement.

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