23 June 2009 – working away is good for the diet

Rides in a flashy car

Rides in a flashy car

Jolie called me this morning and asked me if I would work at the main office in Gosport for the rest of the week. Their secretary has gone sick and they have loads of work on. Our office is very quiet this week so it makes sense but it means working full days. Oh well it’s more money I guess and what could I say but yes anyway? I really hate that office. They’re so bitchy, always back stabbing each other. There really was loads to do though so the time went pretty quickly and I had a couple of calls from Mac because he couldn’t find files. I spent most of the day worrying about how he was getting on on his own.

Jolie picked me up from our office this morning and drive me home tonight. She’s got a really flashy Mercedes with all sorts of gadgets. Maybe one day, when I can drive, I’ll have a flashy car. Mind you I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford a Merc. It has an electric roof, which she had down when we drove home and, when you get in there are little motors on the seat belts and they come out so you can’t forget to put them on and you don’t have to reach for them. How the other half live.

On the diet front, working for a full day was a good thing. I took a sandwich and some snack a jacks with me and I didn’t even have time to eat the snack a jacks. I was starving when I got home but we had salad and quiche for dinner with boiled potatoes. I picked all the pastry off the quiche. It wasn’t because I was being extra good, I just hate pastry. Maybe I could make my own without pastry Again like I did on the Atkins experiment.

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