24 June 2009 – out of the car park for a three point turn

Annoying motorcyclist

Annoying motorcyclist

I was at the Gosport office again today but, because I had a driving lesson at four, Jolie took me home early. Part of me was hoping I’d have an excuse to cancel it. Oh well swings and roundabouts, I had to do the driving lesson but I got to leave the bitchy office early

Today I actually left the car park briefly. I drove across the road to the a closed off side road to practice three point turns. Actually they’re not called three point turns any more, they’re called turns in the road because you don’t have to do them in three goes any more. Good bloody job I say! So I start of my first attempt, all nervous because I’ve just driven across a real road, I move forward to the kerb and stop. We had a little chat about reverse and turning. Then a bloody motorbike parks right in front of me. The rider  just sat there for a bit, took of his helmet and made a phone call totally oblivious to me sitting there in the car fuming. I mean, couldn’t he see the big L sign on the top of the car? Flaming inconsiderate. Eventually he left and I started all over again. I surprised myself by being able to do it with relative ease. We did it several times and once or twice I even did it in three. Yay for me.

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