25 June 2009 – fed up with full time working

A filing nightmare

A filing nightmare

Another day in Gosport and it makes me wonder how I managed to work full time for so many years. Today the other director was in the office. He’s in his eighties and is meant to be retired but, apparently, he comes in every so often and wind everyone up.

He’s very set in his ways and he spent the whole day interfering in everything. Honestly, it’s a wonder anyone got anything done. He spent about an hour messing about in the filing cabinet, I have a feeling no one’s going to be able to find anything tomorrow. It would drive me bonkers if I had to work there all the time. Jolie gave me a lift home in her flashy car again. Commando was going out the back door at the same time I walked in the front so I didn’t even get to speak to him. Makes me realise how much I like working part time.

The one bonus is there is no time for eating random rubbish. The office is in a little parade of shops miles from anywhere and none of them sell food which means whatever I take to work is what I have to eat for the day. As long as I stay focused first thing in the morning I have no choice but to be good all day. That could be a problem if I forgot my lunch though. Fingers crossed for a good weigh in at the end of this full time malarkey.

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