26 June 2009 – shock news about Michael Jackson

Swine flu panic

Swine flu panic

Mac phoned me at the Gosport office in a panic this morning. He heard on the news that a pupil at a local school has swine flu which brings the total number of cases in Hampshire to twenty five. I’m not sure exactly what I could have done form fifteen miles down the road. I expect he has the disinfectant spray and the hand gel out again. He also wanted to make sure I knew Michael Jackson had died. As if anyone could have missed that, the news was full of it today. I guess he and Mac have quite a lot in common, what with the hypochondria, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mac walking round in a surgical mask, especially at the moment.

The news tonight was one long Michael Jackson fest. Why do the press have to be so sycophantic whenever a celebrity dies? Not long ago they were all slating him. When the archive footage of him as a young boy came on, Mini Commando was shocked.

“I never knew he was black,” he said. “What happened?”

I did t know where to even start with that one?

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