27 June 2009 – smoothie party

Mmm smoothies

Mmm smoothies

Today was lovely and sunny so I got the smoothie maker out. I bought it a couple of years ago and every summer it comes out of the cupboard and sits on the worktop until the weather gets cold again. I love smoothies and they’re pretty healthy. I know they can be high in calories if you use ice cream but I use fat free fromage frais, skimmed milk or just fruit and ice. Today I made strawberry and raspberry ones with a big bag of frozen berries from Sainsburys and some ice. They were amazing.

Philo, Sirona, Ashleigh and Bea came round just as I was making them. We sat out in the garden sipping away. Even Bea drank some and she’s usually difficult to pin down for more than a few seconds, she’s like a little whirling dervish, dashing around all over the place until she runs out of energy and falls asleep in a corner somewhere. Ashleigh is much quieter and more reserved, more like Philo was at that age, very prim and proper. They’re like chalk and cheese. We had a lovely afternoon and I didn’t think about diets or exercise or weight once.

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