28 June 2009 – three miles at last and a reckless holiday booking

I can do it!

I can do it!

On Monday I promised myself I would do my Race For Life training every week and, true to my word, I went out this morning, although it was pretty hot. As a precaution, I took a big bottle of water so I didn’t get dehydrated. When I got to the park, the place was overflowing with people brought out by the nice weather. All along the river bank there were parents with children, throwing bread to the swans and ducks and the grass was filled with games of football and dogs chasing balls. There were quite a few runners and they all seemed to be sporting expensive gear and state of the art iPods, GPS watches and the like. Seems like runners take themselves very seriously. There was me with my tatty old jogging trousers (my posh leggings are in the wash) and t-shirt with nothing more than an old iPod and my Walkmeter on my iPhone, quite the poor relation, plodding along so slowly.

Even though I haven’t done any training for a month, I made it round the bend in the river and a little way further to the one and a half mile mark before I turned around. I won’t say it was easy, I was worn out when I got home, but I didn’t have any blisters and I felt amazing to have done the whole three miles. At least I know I can do the whole race now. Next week I think I might try to go all the way to Woodmill, or is that a step too far?

This evening Commando and I were grumbling that we haven’t had a single holiday this year. All the time I was working at Dream Factory we had two holidays a year, one in the spring and one in the early autumn. That was without all the trips I took for work, almost every other month I went away somewhere. We were both saying how much we miss the sun, not the Weak English sun but proper sun. Then we did something very reckless, we went online and booked a weekend break to Barcelona. I’ve never been before and I’ve loved Gaudi’s buildings since I first saw them when I studied art at college. It’s only a weekend and its not until 19 September but I’m stupidly excited. Commando has downloaded a Spanish app on his iPhone, he’ll probably start packing tomorrow, he’s stupidly organised when it comes to holidays while I’m a last minute packer. It annoys him no end.

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