29 June 2009 – away from temptation means a good weight loss

Goodbye yoyo?

Goodbye yoyo?

Working in Gosport has really helped me on the food front this week, especially without Mac tempting me with cakes and sweets all morning. There’s no shop next door so whatever I take for my lunch is all I have to eat, like it or not. As long as I’m strong willed first thing in the morning all I have to worry about is dinner and keeping a lid on the evening nibbling. After a day in that office, with all the office politics and back stabbing, I’m exhausted anyway, way too tired to be thinking about eating. I almost fell asleep in my dinner on Friday, although that could have had something to do with the constant repeats of old Michael Jackson videos. I was more of a David Cassidy kind of girl in my day and, although I don’t deny he had talent there are only so many clips of Ben, Rocking Robin and Thriller a girl can stand.

Anyway, all the healthy eating seems to have paid off. I got on the scales this morning, hardly knowing what to expect. A good week doesn’t seem to be a guarantee of a weight loss in my experience. I’m pleased to say I lost two pounds. I know the first week of a diet is usually when you get a big loss and two pounds hardly fits that bill but I’m pleased with myself. I feel like I’m doing things the right way this time and they say if it comes off slowly it stays off. All those crash diets gave me better losses but, looking back, the weight seemed to come back as quick as it came off once I stopped them. This time I want to stop being a yo yo and get the weight off for good.

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