30 June 2009 – sunshine, drinks with a friend and driving on a road

Diet coke, better than cakes

Diet coke, better than cakes

This week is turning out to be a real scorcher. Perhaps it’s because we were moaning about not getting enough sun, or to taunt us for booking a holiday. Knowing our luck it will be miserable in Barcelona and we’ll have an Indian summer in the UK. To be honest I don’t care. Seeing the Gaudi buildings for real will be enough for me even without the sun. Not sure Commando will feel the same way though. He’s not that into architecture but he sure loves the sun.

I met up with my friend Juno after work today. She’s retired now so she’s a lady of leisure. I’m quite envious. At least I only work part time so I have the chance to meet up with friends in the afternoon. I really should make the effort to do more of it.

We met at the pub just down the road from the office and sat out in the garden under a parasol. Juno had a glass of wine but I couldn’t drink because I had a driving lesson in the evening. Not that I’m really all that into drinking anyway and diet coke has the advantage of being calorie free too. We had a good old catch up. Juno used to be my boss many years ago when I worked at a call centre called Marina Mailing and we’ve kept in touch ever since. She’s a glass half full kind of girl like me and we spent the afternoon laughing until our sides hurt.

The driving lesson was no laughing matter. Mike picked me up and drove me across town to an industrial estate. He booked the lesson for the evening because he knew the place would be deserted and there is a big loop of quiet road to drive around. Even without cars to contend with I was terrified. Terrified seems to be the first word that springs to mind when I think about getting behind the wheel of a car for some reason. As usual, we had a little chat, and then I had to bite the bullet and get on with it, driving on a real road. I drove round the loop once but stalled when I got to the first junction.

Poor Mike, I wonder how many times he’s regretted taking me on in the last few weeks? I made it round in the end though even though my hands were shaking the whole time. The second time was better and I didn’t stall once, although I’m pretty crap and getting into the right position on the road. It all just seems so alien to me. I can’t seem to judge where I am on the road or the size of the car.

Of course I had to change gear which I’m not too hot at either. He keeps telling me to listen to the car and I’ll know when I need to change to second or third but, to be honest, I have no idea what I’m listening for. Maybe I should have gone for learning in an automatic, at least all I’d have to worry about then would be the moving along in a straight line thing and turning corners without hitting the kerb or going on the wrong side of the road. I wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of this?

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