2 July 2009 – on the road!

On a real road!

On a real road!

It was back to the car park for me today and bay parking. I’m actually getting quite good at it, mind you, that’s without any other cars around. I can’t imagine casually swinging in between two parked cars without turning a hair like Commando does. Still it’s progress, I can reverse into a bay and make it between the white lines all nice and straight nine times out of ten.

Then Mike dropped the bombshell that we were going out on the road, with me at the wheel. My knuckles were white on the steering wheel driving out of the car park and I’m sure my legs were shaking. We drove down the quiet beach road, along to the roundabout, round it and back to the car park. I felt like I was going really fast, but Mike kept telling me to keep my speed up. To be honest, it was easier than driving round the industrial estate. There was just one more or less straight road, no horrible junctions and no parked lorries to go round. Thankfully there were no other cars either. I’m quite proud of myself.

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