4 July 2009 – a walk in the park and a champagne celebration

Race For Life training, Woodmill

Race For Life training, Woodmill

I did my Race For Life training this morning and really excelled myself. I made it all the way to Woodmill. Summer has really arrived and it was a beautiful sunny day so the park was crowded. Boys playing football with jumpers as goal posts, cyclists, runners, dog walkers, pushchair pushing mums, toddlers on trikes. It felt like the whole city was gathered in that one little park. The amount of bread being thrown to the swans made me worry about their weight, they’re going to find it hard to swim soon if this good weather keeps up.

Down at the Woodmill end of the park there’s a big football pitch where the teenage boys had swapped jumpers for real goal posts and were playing a proper five aside game. There were fishermen sitting at the waters edge too with all their fancy gear spread out around them. It’s really pretty down there, almost like a little lake with the water trickling through the old mill. There and back it was three point six four miles. That’s loads more than five kilometres so I think I’ll be ok on race day. It took me one hour thirty five minutes. Think I need to work on my speed.

Commando bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate my driving breakthrough. I do love a bit of bubbly. Must be all those years of champagne receptions working in the travel industry. It’s probably not the best of plans for the diet or the training but hey ho, you only live once right?

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