8 July 2009 – laughter, an ab workout?

Coffee with a friend

Coffee with a friend

What happened to the record breaking summer? Did I fall asleep and miss it? It was like November today, all damp and cold and dark. After work I walked to Alfie’s house and spent a couple of hours catching up with her and drinking copious amounts of coffee. She’s working part time too, although money is fairly tight because her boyfriend, Pete, is a builder and work is scarce right now, no one has any money so there’s just not as much building going on. Neither of us has seen much of anyone from Dream Factory and both of us wonder what became of Mary Elliot, the one who kept going into work as if nothing had happened.

Alfie is looking good, being pregnant suits her. She’s not really showing yet but she says the morning sickness has gone now and she feels great. I think she’ll make a fantastic mother because she has such a sense of fun. We laughed so much this afternoon I’m sure I got an ab workout from it. My stomach muscles actually feel sore this evening.

In other news Saints appear to have finally found a buyer. As long as it isn’t another false hope. This one is a Swiss businessman, apparently a multi millionaire and something to do with making machinery for construction. Personally I don’t care who he is or what he does as long as he comes up with the money to save my football club.

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