9 July 2009 – knowing left from right and hill starts

How come it's so confusing?

How come it’s so confusing?

My driving lesson today was round some quiet roads locally after a bit of a warm up in the car park. It wasn’t too bad but I’ve discovered I don’t know my left from my right. At one point Mike said turn right at the next junction and I turned left. He laughed about it and said I need to write L and R on my hands. Apparently loads of people have the same problem but I’m worried about messing it up on my test and failing because of it. It’s one thing to fail because of poor driving but to fail for not knowing something that most five year olds can cope with would be a tad embarrassing to say the least. If it happens I’m going to have to lie about it and say I hit the kerb when I was parking or something.

On the way home, I was driving again, Mike got me to go to the bottom of the hill rather than turn into my road. I wondered what he was up to as its a dead end with a turning point at the bottom of the hill. It was hill starts. I guess that’s one thing I’m going to have to get good at living where I do. Anyway, after a couple of false starts and a couple of stalls, I think I’ve got it. Well, more or less.

The chocolate after my driving lesson is becoming a bit of a bad habit. Well, if you can call two lessons in a row a habit. Today it was Maltesers which are at least fairly low in calories. If I want a decent loss next week, unlike the rubbishy half pound this week I’m going to have to find another way to cope with the driving lesson stress.

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