12 July 2009 – race day has arrived!

Race day has arrived!

Race day has arrived!

Today was race day! I can hardly believe I was in a proper race. Ok so it was only walking and I wasn’t trying to win but I had a proper race number pinned to my t-shirt and everything. The weather was ok although there were a few light showers but not while we were racing. It was amazing. There were ten thousand women taking part and the atmosphere was brilliant. Everyone was wearing pink Race For Life t-shirts and it wasn’t just stick insect women and athletic women either, some of them were my size. All the proper runners started off first and then the rest of us. I’m glad about that because at least I didn’t have to feel inadequate with sporty women flashing past me. Mind you some of the walkers were going faster than I can run. How do they do that?

We walked all round the common and then out onto The Avenue, which had been closed to traffic. The whole wide road was just a sea of women walking. Everyone also got a blank pink sign to pin to their backs saying “I’m doing the Race For Life for…” that could be filled in. As we walked you couldn’t help but read them and it was quite emotional. I found myself crying a couple of times. Some people even had photos of lost loved ones on theirs and some of the women taking part were actually cancer survivors. I wrote ‘for Mum and Dad’ on mine. There were big cameras set up on tall cherry picker things on The Avenue and we all waved to them as we passed. I hope they didn’t get a photo of me. I hate having my photo taken. Commando came along to support me but I made him promise not to take any pictures.

Walking over the finish line was a real buzz, I felt elated. Anyone would think I’d just run a marathon not walked three point one miles. I mean, I’ve done more than that in training and in a quicker time too. Because of the crowds my speed was pretty slow, one hour twenty five minutes but I did it and I didn’t come last by a long way. I actually took part in a race for the first time in my life and there was so much adrenalin pumping round my body I felt as if I could have gone round again. Commando said he was really proud of me. Then I cried.

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