15 July 2009 – web building in progress

Web building

Web building

Today I would have just liked to stay dry. Fat chance! It’s been raining all day. What is going on? This is July, it should be hot. As I was stuck indoors this afternoon, I created a website. Gosh don’t I sound techy. I’m not. I’ve been thinking about making a travel website for a while a kind of blog of all my travels and today I decided to have a go so I rang Mr H of Dream Factory fame. He was the web wizard there and we’ve kept in touch through the wonders of Facebook. He talked me through what I had to do over the phone and recommended something called Word Press.

I’m not exactly incapable or anything. I did the agent emails for Dream Factory for long enough and most if that was using HTML code which is frustrating to say the least. This Word Press thing is much easier, it’s just typing really. I’m not even sure I know why I want to do it because I doubt anyone will look at it but I do love writing and I guess it would be nice to get all that knowledge down while I still remember it.

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