16 July 2009 – Driving in the rain

Driving in the rain added to the list of my least favourite things

Driving in the rain added to the list of my least favourite things

I think the weather forecasters should be sued under the trades descriptions act. In spring we were promised a barbecue summer and all we got was one hot week in July and nothing but rain since. It poured down during my driving lesson today. It was horrible. As if it isn’t enough to have to worry about the clutch, the brake, the accelerator, the gears, the blasted indicators (although no one seems to use them once they pass their test as far as I can see) but today I had lights and windscreen wipers to add to the confusion. Turning them on faster, slowing them down and not forgetting everything else had my head feeling like it was going to explode.

We went through town again. This time things weren’t so great. I stalled at some traffic lights and got all in a tizzy. There was a huge queue of traffic behind me honking their horns, couldn’t they see the big L sign on the roof for heavens sake? They must have all been learners once you’d think they could cut me some slack. Anyhow, it just made things worse, the more they honked the more stressed I got and the less I was able to get going again.

Coming home we drove over The New Bridge. It’s not actually new, it was built in 1977 but in bridge terms I guess that’s pretty new. By then it was rush hour and the traffic was horrendous, plus it was still pouring with rain. It was all clutch, brake, gear, accelerator until my legs hurt and all the while the irritating swish, swish, swish of the bloody windscreen wipers. I just wanted to stop and get out of the car so Mike could take over but of course I couldn’t. I actually wanted to cry. I hate driving.

All this, of course, led to an overdose of chocolate. When will I ever learn?

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