21 July 2009 – the lesson from hell leads to a chocolate binge

Eating crap and chocolate

Eating crap and chocolate

Last night when I went to bed I had a feeling of dread about my driving lesson today. I kept waking up thinking about it. I would have given anything to get out of it to be honest but everyone seems so pleased I’m doing it, especially Commando.

Maybe it was an omen because I had the lesson from hell. It was like I’d forgotten everything and was back to square one. After driving round for a bit, with me constantly stalling, getting the wrong gear and turning into a nervous wreck every time I approached a junction we went back to the car park and I just practiced parking. Mike couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. “You’re just not on the ball today Fat Girl,” he said. I felt terrible to be letting him down but I think the New Bridge incident has put me right off.

I went home and ate crap all afternoon, mostly of the chocolate variety. As if that was helping anything. Afterwards I felt terrible, not just because of all the rubbish food inside me but also because it was such a stupid thing to do. I’ve been eating so well lately and the weight is coming off but I have to go and sabotage myself because I messed up a driving lesson. Am I ever going to learn?

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