2 August 2009 – sunshine and hunting for cars

The car that wasn't to be

The car that wasn’t to be

After the torrential downpours of yesterday it was a pleasant surprise to see sunshine this morning, especially as we’re were going car hunting. I’m totally useless when it comes to cars. If I was ever to witness a crime and was asked to describe the getaway vehicle the best I’d be able to come up with would be, “it was a blue car.” All that make and model stuff just goes over my head and I can hardly tell a Porsche from a Ford. Commando on the other hand is a car aficionado and has been poring over the car ads for weeks trying to find a car for me. Every so often he’ll show me one and the only input I can give is, I don’t like that colour very much.

Today we drove out to some car place in the middle of nowhere to look at a likely candidate. It had everything I wanted in a car, it was small and black. Apparently it was a Nissan Micra. This was my very first foray into the world of car buying so I walked around the little car trying to look like I had a clue what I was looking for. I got in and sat in the drivers seat to try it out. It seemed fine to me, once I’d adjusted the seat I could reach the pedals and the steering wheel didn’t cut into my fat rolls. I was all for getting my cheque book there and then. Until I got out and shut the door. There was something a bit odd going on there. The door didn’t quite line up right, nothing major but Commando was adamant it wasn’t the car for me and muttered something about cut and shut whatever that means. I was actually quite disappointed.

To cheer me up Commando booked us a weekend break to Prague. We seem to be going a bit overboard on the holiday booking front at the moment. It’s not until the beginning of November but it gives us something else to look forward to and he’s always wanted to go to Prague. Knowing him he’ll start packing at the weekend.

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