5 August 2009 – two of my least favourite things

A mad place to drive

A mad place to drive

I cant say today was one of my better days. Jolie called first thing and asked if I’d work in the Gosport office today. What could I say? I’d love to have been able to get out of it, the atmosphere in that office is horrible but even when I told her I had a driving lesson booked this afternoon she still wanted me to come in for the morning and promised to get me home in good time for my lesson. Just what I needed, a morning in Gosport listening to all the back stabbing and bitching and a driving lesson to look forward to in the afternoon. My two least favourite things.

As it turned out the morning went by in a flash and the bonus was I was only in the office for a few minutes. Nessa, the secretary, had a face like a slapped arse when she realised it would be me going out with Jolie and not her. I imagine my name will be mud there from now on. We went to the offices of a local insurance firm that’s just announced it’s slashing four hundred and fifty jobs. Jolie knows one of the directors. I spent the morning taking the details of anyone who wanted to sign on to the New Beginnings books while Jolie had a meeting with the directors to see if she could arrange a jobs fair. True to her word she did drive me back home in time for my driving lesson. I was almost hoping she’d forget and I’d have an excuse to miss it.

We drove to Shirley again today, out on the dual carriageway and through town then the horror that is Shirley High Street. If I ever pass my test I’m never ever driving in Shirley again. The locals all have death wishes. They just walk out into the road without looking. I was a bag of nerves by the time we got to the quiet roads. Then Mike made me do the whole thing in reverse on the way home. Not actually in reverse you understand just back the other way.

It’s Commandos’s birthday this weekend and I have no idea what to get him. I’m running out of time to think of something. Every time I ask him what he wants he tells me not to bother. As if!

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