6 August 2009 – a devastating blow stops me eating

Money, money, money but where is it going to come from?

Money, money, money but where is it going to come from?

They’ve announced almost a hundred redundancies where Commando works today and we’re both feeling a little panicked about it. So far they haven’t said who is at risk but I don’t know what we’ll do if it’s him. Yes he would get a big pay off because he’s been there forever but what if he couldn’t get another job? We couldn’t live on my paltry wages from New Beginnings that’s for sure. He’s beside himself but trying not to show it and I’m trying to be all positive so he can’t tell how frightened I am. This meant we spent most of the afternoon in silence staring into space while trying to look like nothing was wrong.

The driving lesson was a bit of a disaster. I just couldn’t concentrate and kept stalling and getting the wrong gear. In the end Mike took me home early. The only upside to the day was I didn’t feel like eating, the lump I used to have in my stomach when I got made redundant from Dream Factory was back. This is probably a good thing because when I weighed in on Monday Id gained half a pound. Suddenly losing weight doesn’t seem all that important though. If Commando loses his job we won’t be able to afford to eat the weight will drop off then for sure.

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