8 August 2009 – an early birthday present for Commando

First match of the season

First match of the season

My birthday present to Commando was tickets to the first match of the season. Obviously I had to give them to him a day early as his birthday’s not until tomorrow. As we were playing Millwall I was in two minds about getting them at all. I don’t like going to matches against teams that have a reputation for trouble but, to be honest I was running out of ideas what to get him. On the way there we saw a very drunk Millwall fan trying to cross the road and actually fall onto the bonnet of a car. Luckily for him the car had seen him coming and stopped but he still started abusing the driver. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get into the game.

The first half hour was pretty dire and I began to wonder if football tickets was such a good idea, then Schneiderlin had two great chances and things began to get a bit more interesting. When, in the second half, one of the young lads, Paterson, scored things started looking up. The Millwall crowd were all shouting offside but it wasn’t. In the end it was a one one draw but, despite the disappointment it was a good match.

Apparently there was a bit of trouble in one of the wine bars in town after the match but we went straight home. Spending money on drinking isn’t very high on the agenda right now and I guess it saves on calories.

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